May 2022

Emmajay is having a great month – got a Public Engagement Award from the University of St Andrews and a PhD Student’s choice award (2nd place for oral presentation) at the post graduate symposium. Congratulations!!!!

We say goodbye to our MBioChem student Rol-J and final year project student Alistair Blair. It was a pleasure to have you!


April 2022

We have new toys 🙂

A protein crystallisation robot from Douglas Instruments => Oryx 4 was installed as part of the BSRC crystallisation suite, fingers crossed will lead to great looking crystals!

Parts arriving for the new mass spec source to do imaging 🙂  – Professor David Harrison made this happen and will be so exciting to get started!


March 2022

We are starting to add real sequencing data to our UK map on Antibiotics under our feet 

Updates will continue over the next few months, exciting data ahead!


February 2022

We are pleased to have Greice Zickuhr joining the group as a mass spec technician, welcome to Scotland!


January 2022

Alison Dickson is leaving the group to join the Harrison lab and NuCana plc as a Bioanalytical Research Manager/Research Fellow. Good luck in your future endeavours Alison!


December 2021

Emmajay’s work is now a ChemRxiv preprint! Check out here

Congratulations on the hard work Emmajay and Chris!!!


November 2021

We are pleased to have recruited Greice Zickuhr to work as a mass spec technician in collaboration with NuCana plc. She will join us int he new year 🙂


October 2021

We are pleased to have Ngọc Anh Thư Trịnh as a new PhD student joining the group, welcome to Scotland!


August 2021

Emmajay won “best poster prize” for the Struther Arnott Conference, congratulations!!!!!

Chris got the runner up prize, so overall a great day for the lab!


April 2021

Lyssa is leaving us soon to do a PhD in Dundee, best of luck Lyssa!!!


December 2020

Chris’ paper is out, read it here –!divAbstract

congrats Chris and Emmajay!


September 2020

Welcome Martha! One day we will have a lab lunch/coffee/beer to welcome you properly 🙂


June 2020

Rebecca is joining us, exciting times ahead despite the craziness…

new lab picture, not weird at all …











May 2020

Back to lab with Emmajay to work on a covid project, feels like we are the sole survivors of a zombie apocalipse…

We also welcomed Alison in the weirdest of circumstances, welcome Alison!!!!


March 2020

Time is warping in a weird way, hang in there everyone!


February 2020

We KILLED phage, be gone and never come back!


December 2019

Great 1st lab Christmas party! We missed Charlene, but overall had a great time!










September 2019

Lab is quickly expanding, as we welcome Charlene, Emmajay and Lyssa!


May 2019

It is good to be back to lab! Chris was used to having the lab all to himself 🙂


December 2018

Life just became harder and cuter in almost equal measures as I welcomed a daughter (Julia)


August 2018

Chris Harding is the brave first member of the group, welcome Chris!!!


June 2018

Lab starts, excited to buy our first pipettes and colourful racks!!!!