Lab infrastructure

We have fantastic instrumentation for protein production, enzyme assays, x-ray crystallography, NMR (, small molecule purification and mass spectrometry ( Some of our most popular equipments are shown below:

Brand new HPLC from Shimadzu


FPLC from Biorad


Rigaku 007HFM rotating anode X-ray generator with a Saturn 944 CCD detector


imaging of crystallisation plates


protein purification systems


Robot for high-throughput crystallisation screening


Circular Dichroism Spectrometer MOS-500


Applied photophysics SX20 — Stopped-Flow Spectrometer


Biacore T200 – Surface Plasmon Resonance


Isothermal titration calorimeters – VP-ITC and PEAQ-ITC from Malvern


Robot for liquid handling


Freeze dryer


Waters Q-ToF Xevo G2XS