Applying for funds? Need help?

I have spent a LOT of time writing, submitting, failing (and eventually succeeding!) on various applications for small grants and fellowships. If anyone needs advice, post questions, suggestions, requests or send me an e-mail and I’ll help with the best of my capacity.

This is a list of fellowships I’ve applied to and their outcomes:

Royal Society URF – told to re-apply if not funded by Wellcome Trust

CRUK Career development award – not funded

MRC Career development award – was invited for an interview but chose Wellcome Trust and didn’t go.

Wellcome trust Sir Henry Dale – 1 rejection after interview, another success after interview

I haven’t included any travel and small grants (Royal Society of Chemistry, Biochemical Society, others) but there are plenty as well.

I will keep all information confidential, I believe in paying it forward and many times in my life I wished I could ask someone’s honest opinion about something or at least send them a draft/slides/figures/whatever and get feedback.


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